• Ecological Restoration

    Bringing back natural processes, including the original fauna
  • Ecosystem Engineer

    Beavers shape their environment and create habitats for other species
  • Living Landscapes

    Reconstructing grazer communities for natural regeneration
  • Aurochs Breeding Program

    Restoring a lost icon that roamed throughout Europe until four centuries ago
  • Green Economy

    Ecotourism as a driver for sustainable development
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Latest News

Latest conservation news & stories from the field

  • The New Wilderness
  • How Wolves Change Rivers
  • Dawn of De-Extinction

What is Ecological Restoration?

Ecological restoration is the practice of renewing and restoring degraded, damaged, or destroyed ecosystems.


From Restoration to Revenue A Matter of Co-Existence

Learn more about Ecological Restoration, Rewilding and De-Extinction.

Ecological Restoration Projects

Learn about the latest projects as well as recent achievements and developments

  • "True Nature Foundation's approach is simple, yet transformative"

    Through ecological restoration and reintroducing lost species we restore and protect natural processes and wilderness areas.

    wild horses Wild horses
  • "Return of the European bison"

    The story of the European bison, or Wisent, entails an amazing return from the brink of extinction: a conservation success story.

    European bison European bison
  • "‘The URUZ project brings back the Aurochs, the original wild bovine species of Europe"

    Ecological restoration projects cannot be complete without bringing back key elements that helped shape and reshape wild landscapes.

    image Aurochs
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